Superior Arms
Our History
Superior Arms was founded in late 2004. The federal assault weapons ban was still active. There were more firearms manufacturers being litigated than ever before, but we still believed that we could be competitive while providing a quality product.

We believe that it is our constitutional right to have weapons of all types available to the general public. The second amendment was added by our nation's founders to ensure that the government could not become all-powerful. The phrase “sporting purpose” is not found in the constitution, nor should it be. We believe that MADE IN THE USA is more than just a label, it is a badge of honor. We believe that products made in the USA are the best in the world. We strive to produce our products to that standard.

What sets Superior apart from most of the other manufacturers, is that we made parts before we tried to sell them. We had no guaranteed customer. We had no help on footing the bill for reverse engineering, tooling, and machinery. We funded our own start in the firearms trade. We had manufactured accessories and miscellaneous components for some private firearms companies, but not for the AR-15 style rifle.

One of our founding beliefs, is that we can manufacture anything required. In most cases, the equipment we use was purchased and rebuilt by Superior, then adapted to the specific task required. While many firearms manufacturers assemble products purchased from machine shops, we believed that we could do a better job of controlling fit, finish, and cost by producing the parts ourselves.

We have modified the operation of CNC machinery specific to the manufacture of aluminum receivers. We build our own special jigs and machine tools as required. We have extensive resources for developing processes that produce unsurpassed parts. The phrase “We can't manufacture that,” is not acceptable. We continually strive for perfection.

Superior Arms started Lower Receiver production in late 2004. Upper receiver reverse engineering and process development started in late 2005. We manufacture our own front sight bases from steel forgings. We manufacture our own A4 flattop receivers. We turn 95% of our own barrels (some special barrels are purchased from reputable sources). All of our barrels carry an 11 degree target crown.

Our Motto is, “The difference is in the Details.” We realize that many companies make this claim, Superior has the distinct advantage because we manufacture, in-house, most of the parts used in our rifles. This allows us ultimate control of form, fit, and function. We are committed to quality, and we utilize advance statistical controls to prove our accuracy and repeatability. Any part that is sub contracted is made in the USA. Our engineering and design department uses the latest, powerful solid modeling and machining software to develop new, innovative products.

We start with hammered forgings 7075T6 aluminum aircraft grade machined to mil spec or better.

  • Every part is hand deburred and all parting lines removed for that “Superior” look.
  • We purchase barrel blanks in 4150 chrome moly and 416 stainless steel gun barrel grade from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Our process involves truing the barrels in a wet grind process.
  • The barrels are contoured, chambered, threaded and barrel extensions installed in our CNC process.
  • We manufacture delta rings, barrel nuts, front site towers and stock washers.
  • All aluminum parts are hard coat anodized to mill spec.
  • All steel parts are phosphated to mill spec.
We are not the biggest, but we strive to be the best. To prove this we have a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser on all rifles manufactured and assembled by Superior Arms.

This is the Superior Advantage…

The Williams Family